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Knowledge, empowerment and involvement are key to our approach in every case, regardless of the legal process.

Our firm focuses on all areas of Family Law including divorce, legal separation, parenting and child support matters, pre/post nuptial agreements, cohabitation relationships and post-divorce legal needs. We represent clients in litigation and collaborative law, limited legal services/coaching, consultation as well as mediation and arbitration whether as an attorney or the mediator or arbitrator. Additionally, we provide estate planning for small estates, landlord and tenant law, residential real estate law and business law services.

Areas of Practice


Collaborative Divorce is a process in which the parties resolve their dispute respectfully and without going to Court.


Mediation/Arbitration is a process in which a couple resolves their disputes with the assistance of a neutral professional who is committed to helping the couple through any areas of impasse or disagreement.


Family Law litigation is the legal process used to resolve family disputes that cannot be resolved by any other means. When parties cannot agree, they bring their case to court and the court decides on their behalf. This is litigation.


Coaching and Legal Consultation services are often all that a person needs. Legal Coaching, or Limited Legal Services Representation, is based on the needs and circumstances of the client.

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