Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce is a process in which the parties resolve their dispute respectfully and without going to Court.

Collaborative Divorce is routinely used in Family Law matters, such as divorce, legal separation, custody and support disputes. Participants in this process work directly with trained lawyers and other professionals. This interdisciplinary team approach offers each participant the support of their own lawyers and the guidance of neutral experts. In Washington State, we typically provide our clients with financial and child specialists, divorce coaches, and other trained professionals who bring their unique skills and experiences to assist couples and their in a safe and confidential setting.

Each party in the process identifies their individual needs, interests and concerns and, with the help of their Collaborative team, they arrive at a solution which will allow both parties and the entire family, to move forward in a post-dispute life that is peaceful and effective. The use of an interdisciplinary team provides the parties with skilled professionals who specialize in their respective role to promote efficiency in the process.

In Collaborative Divorce, there are several core elements which form the Collaborative team’s commitments. These core components include:

  • Establishing expectations through a contract signed by all participants
  • Negotiating a mutually acceptable and durable agreement without having the court decide the issues most important to the parties
  • Facilitating open communication and transparent information sharing
  • Creating shared solutions that acknowledge the highest priorities of each party
  • Providing support for the parties by normalizing otherwise difficult conversations and minimizing conflict within the negotiations

Our firm’s attorneys are trained Collaborative professionals who have worked on hundreds of Collaborative cases. Each attorney has a strong background in advocacy and is dedicated to providing client-focused advice and assistance while the parties work through their dispute.

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