Mediation/Arbitration is a process in which a couple resolves their disputes with the assistance of a neutral professional who is committed to helping the couple through any areas of impasse or disagreement.

The mediator’s role is to provide a safe, confidential environment and to assist each person to effectively communicate their needs and interests so a solution can be reached that works for both parties.

Mediators do not represent either party. Our role as a mediator is help a couple identify the issues necessary for resolution in their divorce. We help facilitate effective dialog so both parties hear each other’s concerns and interests and arrive at a solution that will help each person meet their long term goals. We make sure that all legal issues which must be resolved as part of a divorce are addressed, and we provide the framework for helping a couple move through their divorce process in a timely way.

Most people who use a mediator find that their costs are significantly less than other processes. Typically each person would have an attorney available to consult with and to assist with the drafting of the legal documents. However, because the scope of their attorney’s work is limited, the legal fees are usually a fraction of those they might incur in other processes.

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